Dreaming of…


Most of the time I’m dreaming of fabric I want to buy or things I want to do to my house, but lately I’ve been continually captivated by cookware. I have a friend, you know who you are, who abhores any sort of contraption that only serves one purpose; she teaches me much about decluttering and simplifying. But when it comes to cookware, I could have a pantry full of random things.

Here are my two latest faves.

First off is this pan that makes filled pancakes.


My son eats Toaster Strudels all the time (no, they are not organic, but if you look they have less sugar than many other breakfast options) and I have been wanting to make something like that (but obviously w/o all the crap in it.) Enter this pan. I really think it could do the trick. Fill the pancakes, freeze them and have icing to drool over them storing in the fridge.

Today, I found this pan off the Baking Bites blog.


Totally cool. Such an easier way to make tiny little “waffles” for my little chick who eats a blueberry waffle every morning. Again, make a batch and freeze. Voila!

Now, if only I could find the funds and the time to make it happen!

One thought on “Dreaming of…

  1. Um…. I’ve heard that that “friend” has a mini bundt pan. She hides it in the back of her cupboards, along with the popsicle molds. She would probably love anything for your kitchen that gets regular use and would happily deliver mini bundt muffins to welcome them to their new home.

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