Putting Off and Taking On

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. At our church staff meeting yesterday, we went around and shared what we were “putting off or taking on” for Lent. While I’ve thought about it in passing (and in preparing activities for the children of our church) I hadn’t really come to any great realization of what I felt the Lord calling me to do.

As I sat at the table listening to others I agreed with so many of theirs that are good: less focus on food, less t.v., no facebook etc. I kept thinking I would give up Facebook. But then as I wrestled with it more on the drive home and this morning, I really felt like what I was called to do was just be more intentional with my time.

To be fully present with my children when they are around.

To be fully present with my husband, especially when he arrives home from work.

To put off the distractions that I surround myself with when I am with others that keep me from being fully present with them.

To put off the things of this world that grab my attention and time and take on the intention of being fully present with those relationships that the Lord has placed in my life.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.

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