You’ve Got Mail

valentine mail

tin mailboxes from Target’s dollar spot $1

little felt envelopes and felt hearts $5 + some momma sewing love

finally making a creative holiday memory for my kiddos

(I’m really bad about letting all the “minor” holidays go and my goal this year is to work on this!) PRICELESS

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  1. I almost bought those tins today but it got left in the buggy (distracted by a child running wild) and so I forgot to pay for it thus I gave up on the tin. I love your little valentines, they are really cute! What a great idea!!!

  2. how cute! What a grand idea. Again, I’ll have to “borrow” that from you. hee hee

    Ez invited our 9-year-old neighbor to make Valentine’s cards with him this week. To my surprise the friend said ‘yes’ and that he’d bring some rubber stamps to help!

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