We’ve long struggled with the idea of an allowance for our Rooster. He is getting to the age where he really does need to learn about managing money and managing his wants. Until lately he never really was a “can you buy me something” kind of kid at the store. That to say, he has never, that I can remember, pitched a fit because I said that he couldn’t (we’ll leave that one for Little Chick I’m sure!)

We finally decided to forgo the charts and all that madness and just give him an allowance. It’s only $3 a week because that was easy for us to manage both financially and also with teaching him this new bank system. Larry Burkett used to sell these Giving Banks and I wasn’t about to go out and spend oodles of money for a fancy bank, so this afternoon I came up with this.

Giving bank

I printed a box template off and then made these little pictures. Every week (Saturday morning) he’ll be given $3 and he will put $1 in each box. The only box he can shop out of will be the white box. So if we go to the store, no more “buy me that” but he’ll have his own money to spend. On Sundays, he’ll take his tithe money with him to put in the offering plate. He is about to become a communing member of our church so this is great timing to start teaching him what it means to be a member of a church. The save box we’ll have to figure out when he can have access to that. I’m thinking of asking him what a good goal to save for would be.

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  1. Great idea. I’d like to steal your idea for my guy (can I make my husband do it too? hee hee). It’s nice that the three banks are separate and you can easily divide his allowance three ways!

    I also like the font you used – Action Jackson. I’ve used that in a few things here myself.

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