One of the biggest decision that we have to make this year is where to send our son for Kindergarten.

A little background:

Our son is incredibly social, he is not a homebody (goes crazy and drives everyone else crazy when he is stuck at home) but he does need time at home to unwind (too much away time makes him very hard to manage). He is incredibly gifted in language, which often gets him in big trouble. His language is moving at a much more rapid rate than his maturity and ability to understand it. We live in a very good school district. The school we are zoned for has fairly good reviews, is newer, but is very large. There are at least 10 kindergarten classrooms that I know of at this point.

Homeschooling is pretty much out at this point in our lives and for this child. If I am honest with myself, I know that I could not, at least at this age, homeschool this child.  We’ve pondered a local classical christian private school.  Academically this private school would provide him an amazing education, in a much smaller setting. My problem (besides coming up with the tuition) is that it is private. I struggle so much with the “salt and light” that we are supposed to be as believers. Yes, I want to protect my son from as much as I can, but I also want to educate him and teach him how to shelter his heart himself.  He won’t be sheltered forever.

We do have another option for a private school and it is part of the preschool that he has been attending. But my struggle with this is that we more than likely wouldn’t be able to send him there forever. Once Little Chick started school, I doubt that we would be able to pay for both of them to go to private school full time. There is that possibility that I could teach there and our children could go for a reduced rate, but then I end up working full time again and I am pretty sure that is not what the Lord is desiring for us right now and not what I see in my future. And I am at this point where this sweet little man needs to be somewhere consistently. He’s been moved in and out of schools and daycares so much in his short 5 years that I’m so ready for him to have that.

So there is public school. If my husband and I are honest with ourselves, we will never have the money to pay for both children’s education for the next 20 years.  He just doesn’t work in that kind of field and I still feel called to be at primarily at home and working for my church. I start to feel so certain that public school is o.k. I know I would get involved, be on the PTA, be in and out of the school as much as possible. I would be present. But then I read all these blogs about how I am throwing my child to the wolves. I am throwing him into Satan’s arms at an age that he can’t “defend” himself. Ach!

It’s been a long road, praying and trying to figure out what to do. I just don’t want to take this big decision and choose something because I am denying who I am. I don’t want to homeschool him or send him to a private school just because I don’t want to have to explain myself to others. It’s that crazy desire to fit in and not stand out. But in so many ways that would be what I am praying for my son. That he wouldn’t desire to fit in, that he would stand out and be a leader of his faith..even in kindergarten. The final decision surely hasn’t been made and only God knows where our Little Rooster will end up and all I can do is pray for clarity and discernment and that God will clearly reveal the path we are to take.

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  1. I am right on your tail with the same decision as our Eli goes to school year after next. My prayers are the same as yours if this brings you any comfort. My heart and prayers will lump you right in with us as we all try to do what God feels is best for our little ones. Growing up is rough sometimes…for all of us!!!

    .mac 🙂

  2. I also definitely flop around with all these thoughts that you have expressed. I definitely struggle with sending the kiddos to public school but I also definitely struggle with not sending them to public school. 😉 I will be praying for you and your husband as you walk in faith listening to the Father who leads and guides us in His perfect will and as the Lord gives direction I will be praying that you will have the faith to walk in His perfect plan. This is my prayer for us as well. I really feel that the Lord is doing and will do some incredible things with this generation and that He is going to use them in mighty ways. I just have to remember to keep my hands open! So hard!

  3. “Do your best and pray real hard” that was the advice we got when T was a baby and today that is the best advice I can give you. I would like to tell you it get eaiser once this school decision is made – but we are 5 years ahead of you and today we ask “What are we going to do for middle school in 1 year??” and for next year “Do we send D to kindergareten or one more year of preschool?” He has an APril bday but…. Do your best and pray real hard and rememeber just because you send him to one school next year doesn’t mean he has to do 1st grade at that school. Hang in there!

  4. Hey Daisyeyes and friends, the most comforting thing may be to know that God does have a perfect plan and he will work it out.

    I am a grandmother whose children attended both public and private schools at different times in their growing up years. I am sure that the greatest influence was our putting feet and hands to our faith, walking out the reality before them.

    They saw us involved in teaching Sunday School and leading youth group when they were teenagers because that mattered to us. Their friends would come over for supper and then we would drive them all to youth group. We got involved.

    We were not perfect parents and had much to apologize for and regret not doing better, but we loved well and demonstrated faith.

    Now we have 6 grandchildren. Four are blessed to be able to attend a private Christian school, while two attend a public school and ask searching questions as they wrestle with the differences they are confronted with. Those questions have to be wrestled with sooner or later.

    There is no one answer, but there is a plan, a good one, for each little one. It is no less important to know that when they leave High School for university. 🙂

  5. Yes, we are to be salt and light. What we do as parents also teaches our children. When we allow God to take control and allow Him to hold our children in His hands, we are opening our world up to many different opportunities to share our faith. We are also teaching our children, even at their young age, that we trust God with all aspects of life.

    At the public school where my kindergartner attends, the curriculum isn’t perfect, his classmates come from various family backgrounds, and there are times when he tells me of some of the not-so-nice things that were said or done in front of him. We’ve struggled with his respect and behavior since he started. Is it because he is going to public school or is it because he is 5 and is, by nature, rebellious (aren’t we all?)?

    We take these opportunities to teach him. And what a blessing it has been to meet other Christians within his school who meet to pray over the school every early Thursday morning (I haven’t made it yet!). God wants to use you and your child for His glory in whatever situation you are in – public or private school, homeschool or a Christian school.

    Don’t stress out on this one. Pray about it and thank God that He will equip you and your family for the challenges that come with growing up.

    The other posts definitely are encouraging to read.

  6. seriously, who tells you that you are throwing him to the wolves, and into the arms of the devil? I hate that that is what has infiltrated your thought process. We too have the same struggle as you and your hubby, but take care to know that you can always change your mind. Even if you desire consistency for him, it may be that he likes the challenge of change. Maybe you could visit all your schooling options and wait on the spirit to reveal to you the Lords wishes for your rooster? (im not talking about staying until you hear ) I just mean to gather a peace about the options you have.
    Also, what you do for one child, does not mean that is what you need to do for the next, they will each have different needs, and desires. But I know that you know this.
    pray, pray, pray

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