Merry Sewing and some funnies

Here’s what my sweet hubbie (and mom) stuck in my stocking and under the tree this year. Now if only we can get out of debt so I can up my fabric budget to do some of the many awesome projects in these books!

merry sewing

And here are a couple of funnies that I saw on the kid’s toys this year.

This is from a bucket of animals we got. It says “do not allow your child to put the bucket on his head.” Funny that they assume it would be a “he” that would do this and not a “she!”

bucket ha ha

This is from a grocery cart. This one reminds us that “This is a toy. NEVER allow an infant or child INSIDE the basket.” Like we would be confused that this tiny shopping cart is not meant for us to take to the grocery store with us! 🙂

cart ha ha

When I read these things it just makes me realize that these silly warnings are on there because you know this happened and someone sue crazy sued over it. Just made me smile amidst all the paper and bow clean up!

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  1. Labels/warnings are funny! We just bought Luke his first pair of shoes. A pair of Converse that came with NO shoestrings, the label inside said something about being “free.” I will have to find that and post it on my blog for you!

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