Visions of a Party: Part 2 & PSF

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Little Chick’s birthday party went off without a hitch. I had so much fun decorating and setting up all these little friends all over the house and her face when she walked in (my parents had kept her all afternoon) truly was priceless.

The cake (crazy, crazy full of blue dye) really was pretty good and she loved it!

cookie monster cake

The cupcakes were fun and turned out pretty cute (if you can’t tell it is Elmo, Grover and Ernie)

elmo, grover and ernie

I set up her little friends all over the house:

Big Bird,

big bird & his nest

Cookie Monster,

cookie monster and his jar of cookies


ernie and his rubber duckie

Elmo with his goldfish Dorothy.

elmos and dorothy

and my favorite Sesame Street Little People (which she plays with all the time!)

little people sesame street style

It really was fun and she was crazy funny all night long.

8 thoughts on “Visions of a Party: Part 2 & PSF

  1. Too cute, looks like it was a great party! I am starting to plan my little one’s 1st birthday. I definitely lack in the creativity department though. After seeing your wonderful creations, I am already beginning to feel sorry for my little guy!

  2. WOW!!! My Casey LOVES Sesame Street too. Do tell, where did you get those Sesame Street Little People? Perfect for his brithday coming up in January!

    I LOVED your spin on Cookie Monster…might have to snag that one for Casey’s birthday if you don’t mind.

    Merry Christmas to you!!

    Meghan 🙂

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