Why I’m Really Beginning to Hate Mall Playgrounds

This morning Little Chick and I had to run to the mall. I thought I would throw in a trip to the mall playground at the end, hoping to wear her out so that she might nap (yep, still no nap!)

She was playing along just fine and starting to really enjoy it when I looked down at the far end of the play area and see a boy about 3 years old grabbing her and shaking her. As I start to get up and run down there I see him taking her whole hand and shoving it in his mouth. At this point it feels like slow motion; I just can’t get down there fast enough. I start yelling, “no! no! no!” and grab her and pick her up and she’s got these HUGE bite marks on her hand. I’m thinking, “where in the hell is this kid’s parents?” Finally his mom pops up and grabs him and makes him apologize (which I do appreciate), but then she takes her kids and throws them in the stroller and BOLTS! She honestly got out of there as fast as she could and never looked at us again.

I was so angry. If my kids had hurt another child that badly I would surely be mortified, but I would never, ever leave without making sure the other child was o.k. and would do anything possible to help that mother.

It all just made me really sad and I really didn’t know what to do. What would you have done?

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  1. I don’t know what I would have done on either side. I definately would hope that I would be a responsible parent and a- watch like a hawk if I knew I had a rough kid and b- stay and help but I bet that mom was mortified and scared and that was why she bolted. It doesn’t make it better but I suspect she didn’t not help because she didn’t want to but more because she felt overwhelmed with other feelings.

  2. We have also had a bad experience at the mall playground but there was no mom in sight. Another child cornered our daughter and would not let her go, yelling at her and pushing her around. It again was on the other side of the playground and when I got there I had to reach over the child to get our daughter away from this child. I looked around and no mother, parent or guardian stepped forward at all. I did tell the child I did not think he was acting kindly but with no caregiver in sight (stepping forward) we left. It is very sad. I hope that Little Chick is okay!!! It is odd because we have never run into these problems at the park just at the mall!? Odd!

  3. Sadly the older your children get – the worse other peoples children are and the more you want to just stand up and scream at these clueless mothers. I ask my self on a daily bases “where is the mother ?” or ” Come on mom do something with your kid!”

  4. How Sad! I hope it is just a case of the Mother being to mortified to face you.
    I hope little chick is okay and the marks are not to bad.
    Those mall playgrounds scare me for a lot of reasons.

  5. What the..!? So sorry for you and your little one. Mother’s rage is nothing to mess with. Still, if this boy bit her, he’s bitten before (most likely, I would guess).

  6. YIKES!
    this happened to us at school one day. SP was bitten by another little classmate. I was shocked, but I knew she would be ok. His mother called and profusely apologized, and was so mortified, for some reason it wasnt hard for me to get over, however Drew was another story. He was so protective of SP, it was sweet and kind of funny at the same time.
    I think that the mother was completely embarrassed, and didnt want to run the risk of having all the parents stare down her child for the remainder of the time they were there. And she probably need to give him some sort of consequence. I am really sorry this happened. Has she recovered well?

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