Play With Your Food

I mentioned before that the gift theme of Little Chick’s birthday is stuff for her play kitchen. I’ve been working on this felt food in my head for months. I finally got it done last week and my best friend extraordinaire created these AMAZING labels for the food tins. So awesome! I’m extremely excited about how they turned out (now if only the baby would take a nap…we are on day 3 of no nap)

felt eggs

felt peas

felt bow tie pasta

felt ravioli

felt goldfish

oh, and please excuse the dust and smudges on the train table. Dusting is #38 on my list of things to do before the big party.

5 thoughts on “Play With Your Food

  1. Are you going to make any of these to sell? They are awesome. You know, Pottery Barn makes food like that, but yours is even cuter! You are so creative!!!! What a wonderful present!

    Hope you all are doing well and enjoying this blessed season.

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