Building a Birthday Party: Part 1

Little Chick’s second birthday is on Wednesday and sadly being the second child (and having a birthday one week before Christmas) has truly shown through on the birthday party plans. She loves Sesame Street, so we decided to do that as our theme. I’ve been cramming all these plans in the past few days.

I was really excited about the treat bags mainly because they have come out exactly as I had pictured in my head. Here’s how they went:

Get some cute colored tote bags:

bday bags

Fill them with cookies from Cookie Monster,

bday cookies

crayons from Elmo,

bday crayons

bubbles from Ernie,

bday bubbles

gummy worms from Oscar,

bday worms

goldfish from Dorothy,

bday fish

and a coloring sheet with the letter and number of the day.

bday coloring sheet

Put them all together and you have 8 treat bags for some cute little friends!

I will admit that 90% of these ideas came from different sites all over the web…I’m not that creative! And the thing about eating worms from Oscar and goldfish from Dorothy is kind of weird to me (I mean you are eating Oscar and Elmo’s best friends basically!) oh well! 🙂

Here’s a picture of little chick’s birthday crown too. The pattern is from The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. I LOVE it! Hope she does too!


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