Reflections: God’s Heart

*this is the beginning of a series of reflections from a retreat that I went on this past Friday and Saturday.*

I went for a walk on Saturday on this trail that was right outside our lodge. I had no idea where I was going or where the trail led, if anywhere. I’m not really a huge photographer, but I made myself bring the camera and if I saw something that seemed interesting to me, I took a picture. I ended up being really captivated by trees. (I’ll share more of those pictures later).

But the most amazing thing happened to me on this little walk. I went down the path a little ways and came to a fork. Something in me was stirring me to take the right fork. But I looked at it and thought, that goes up hill and who knows how far and I just don’t feel safe going that way. So I kept on going straight. I went on a little further and came to a real trail head. At this point I thought, I really can’t start climbing up a trail to somewhere I really don’t know where it goes. So I turned around and came back to that original fork. I started up that hill and as soon as I breached the top I saw this:

heart tree

The whole thing reminded me so much of what the Lord was teaching me this whole weekend. I so often look at the direction that He wants me to go and say “no way!”, “that hill is too big and I don’t know where it leads” or “I’m scared of going that way”. Yet when I do go down the path that the Lord is leading, it leads me straight to His heart. Often not without a climb and not without fear and not without my sinful heart saying “no”, but always with blessing along the way.

2 thoughts on “Reflections: God’s Heart

  1. I rejoice in the way the Creator wooed you through His creation. Thank you for capturing these amazing photos and sharing with me. I am thankful you were a part of the women God chose to join us in our journey as we began Advent in the woods.

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