Christmas Project #1

coffee cupholders

This is the first of two projects for friends that I’ve gotten completed this week. They are cupholders for your coffee cup. The tutorial is here and it is a great, easy project that what really fun to create and customize. I ended up using some of my very special wool felt to embroider some words on to add to the front. I think it really added that last little spark. I had to take a special trip to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee to have a cupholder to use as the pattern (so sad!) and washed it out to keep it so I could take this great picture to show you these “in action” but my sweet hubbie thought it was just trash and tossed it…crazy man.

Can’t wait to pass them on!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Those are super cute! I made some for gifts last year but they were not nearly as snazzy as your customized ones!!! 😉 The wool felt is perfect!

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