PSF: Success in the Kitchen aka English Muffins

english muffins1

When I was in college I lost my head for a semester and thought I would major in Hotel and Restuarant (isn’t that one of those mail order diplomas? was the joke I often got). During that semester I did take a cooking class that was probably the hardest class I ever took (and I took Medieval Philosophy if that tells you anything). We made lots of different things, but the one thing that always stuck out in my mind were the English Muffins we made…they were heavenly.

english muffins1

I printed off this recipe many, many months ago and have had it set out for me to tackle for about that long. I finally did it yesterday. They are amazing! Even warranted a note from the hubby on the coffee pot about how good they are!

english muffins1

But, they were time intensive and not something I would want to get into the habit of making weekly. When I was looking back for the recipe online, I did come across this one that uses your bread machine to knead the dough. I think I might be trying this one next time.

Until then, we will be living it up for breakfast!

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  1. Wow those look awesome and hard and time consuming. However, anything homemade is always better than store bought! I am glad you guys had a yummy treat. I may have to try those soon.

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