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I’m one of those people who just cannot handle Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving…until this year. I don’t know what it is, maybe because the baby is older and more aware, maybe because of just where my heart is wandering in this great story, but I am longing for Christmas more than I ever have.

I got this cd last year for Christmas and really didn’t listen to it much, but the kids and I were playing last night and were listening to it and oh how I love it. Haunting and beautiful.

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  1. I have never ever done anything for Christmas before Thanksgiving but yesterday, I put up our tree, lit it and decorated it. Then got mad we don’t have an outdoor outlet for lights out front. I really think it has to do with the kids. They had so much fun helping with the tree and I love the wonder of the season and their excitement over it all.

    Now I am going to listen to Sarah and get chills.

  2. I admit the kids and I started listening to Christmas music in the car this week. I think we will put up our tree this weekend. I am ready to start welcoming the Christ child!

  3. I started to listen to Christmas music last week. I have the house decorated in my mind – but I can’t get it out until after Thanksgiving. But we are getting in the mood. Dec. 1st is not far away and I want to start with advent and my Jesse tree I need to get on with it.
    It is so much fun the older my kids get – not the gifts but the entire season, the fun for doing for others, the fun of the songs we all know the words to, so much to do in such a short time.

  4. Hubby loves Sarah so there is always a lot of that playing over here! 😉
    I am really anticipating Christmas this year as well! I think that with everything that has gone on in my heart and in the world over this past year I realize even more how desperate I am for CHRIST. I have found myself yearning for Him more lately so Christmas feels huge in my heart this year as I am reminded of how He came in the manager and He is coming again one day! I have a full and overwhelming heart ready to give praise this season. Maybe it comes from age and a greater understanding of how the world works and knowing that He is our only HOPE. I am not sure but I am ready to usher in Christmas this year as I am not sure that I have ever ushered it in before.

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