Ta Da!

Here they are in all their glory. I’m going to take a break from the glitter for a week or so before starting on the bigger ones. I need to get busy planning for a little chick’s second birthday!

sparkle houses

sparkle houses

sparkle houses

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  1. Ok, I am all caught up on EVERYTHING that you have been up to. Please tell me how you have so much time to make all your crafts, keep up 2 blogs, facebook, and run your house??!! I need lessons apparently…I am lacking in efficiency. It is hard to read your blog, makes me miss you. How is the church job going? Nothing exciting to report from here, still kind of trying to get settled and figure out our “nitch” here…it takes a while, ya know?

  2. Incredible!!! I love them! Are they super time consuming? I picked them up at Hobby Lobby and then ended up putting them back because it felt like a lot of work for some reason but the results are INCREDIBLE!!!

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