In Process…

Why is it that when you are crazy busy with stuff, more tends to roll into your lap???

In addition to this, and these and all the things I am trying to do for my job at church to prepare for Christmas I have this (that I just plain want off my sewing table)


and this (for a baby shower on Saturday)


and this (for the creative team I am on)


that I need (and want) to get done asap! Not to mention that Christmas (and my little chick’s birthday) is coming sooner than I think and I’ve got a ton of gifts to make before then!

Talk about crunch time!

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  1. Oh, yeah, and then there is life in general and add a child who refuses to nap! I have a show from HGTV with a simple bag pattern on my DVR from MAY!!! Lady, you’re my inspiration!

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