A Little Sparkle

Remember these?

houses in process

Well, yesterday I started glittering them and today I chucked all my responsibilities that I should have been doing and was in need of a little more sparkle. Here’s an update on how they look now:

houses INP

houses INP

I have one more round of glitter on these 2 little houses and then I will start on the 2 big houses. Who knew that a little glue and glitter could brighten up a rough afternoon?

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  1. They are amazing I love how just a lil glitter makes things smile!, I love the house blanks! I hope our carft stores get these in!

  2. you know, I haven’t used much at all so far. It’s one of those things you pour on a ton, but when you are done you pour the excess back in and it fills it right back up. These are Martha Stewart glitters and glue and they are really, really good!

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