How Lazy Can We Be?

I was cutting out coupons this afternoon and came across a coupon for these.

At first I thought…eww!

And then I thought…I wonder what kind of preservatives those are chock full of?

And then I thought…how incredibly lazy are we as a culture that we need someone to sell us hardboiled eggs that are even peeled? Is it really that hard to dump some eggs in a pot, boil them for 7 minutes and peel them?

Crazy Americans (and I am proudly one of them…just not that crazy or that lazy!)

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  1. I saw them the other at Harris Teeter, I was thinking the same thing. Can people not boil there own eggs. It is like pre made PB&J’s. Crazy.

  2. I haven’t seen those! At one time, I may have actually bought those to avoid any kind of cooking. But, now that I am cooking, I love boiling and peeling my own eggs.

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