Photo Story Friday

PhotoStory Friday
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I’m a little late posting this, but it’s still Friday right?

I picked this book up at the library last week; One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey. The illustrations are just amazing, but what stirs my heart more is just the idea of living somewhere like this. The simplicity in the lives of this family is just so amazing and appealing.

There is also just that desire I’ve had since I was in high school to travel to Maine (it reminds me so much of growing up and visiting my grandmother in Oregon) and also just the insane desire to live somewhere like this. How crazy would it be to hop into your boat and drive to the local grocery across the water?

It’s a very sweet story about a girl losing her first tooth. If you haven’t read it, check your local library!

Happy Halloween everybody! BOO!!!

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  1. Oh, I am such a huge fan of children’s literature…those illustrations are beautiful!! When I find books like that I always wish I had a second copy to sort of tear apart and use as art on my kids’ walls. Someday, I’m acutally going to do it…

    Great PSF, great find!!

  2. Robert McCloskey’s got TONS of fabulous books just as good! Being a little Maine girl, I was raised on all of them and they’re just fantastic. There’s even a statue in Boston based on “Make Way For Ducklings”!

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