Photo Story Friday

PhotoStory Friday
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I have been wanting to try my hand at a weekly sort of post and came across this one. Hopefully I’ll get into a good routine about it and it will encourage me to take some good, different photos every week!

We went to the zoo yesterday and they have had a butterfly house up this past spring/summer. The zookeeper told me that it probably won’t last another week and they have already released a bunch of monarchs (can you imagine how beautiful that was?!?) and will have to release the rest of them.

I’ve always been enamored with butterflys. My bedspread growing up was this yellow with butterflys on it, maybe that is why? When we lived in NC, the local science museaum had a butterfly house and I was so amazed with it. It was the most peaceful and amazing place. I was so excited when our local zoo set one up and can’t wait for them to bring it back next year.

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  1. I love butterflies too…. one of my best friends raises them– zebras & monarchs…and I love to go over there this time of year (actually a month or two ago was the best)

  2. It’s easy to be enamored with butterflies, especially when they’re fluttering around you. 🙂 Those butterfly pavilions are wonderful. Our Botanical Garden sets one up every spring and summer and I try to get and photograph all the lovelies there too.

    Nice picture.

  3. I’m not sure how to respond to a comment, so I just came back here. Daisy is a Bluetick Coonhound and she is quite the barker/howler…drives me crazy sometimes and yes, Eddie is an English Springer Spaniel…he is a great dog, but very high strung and anxious yet very loving and loyal!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog…

  4. Can you imagine how amazing that would be to see them all released?? Wow!

    You’re shot is beautiful…PSF perfection! I’m glad you joined us this week. I really hope you come back again next week!

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