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I tend to be a pretty quiet person when it comes to opinionated conversations (well unless I’m talking to close friends or family). I remember in high school having conversations about that verse where Paul tells us to “always be prepared to give an answer for what you believe.” I remember many times sitting at a lunch table in high school, college and even as a professional while others were having heated conversations about religion or politics, I just kept quiet, but that verse kept swimming in my head.

This election is driving me crazy. My son hears all about it and wants to know who we are voting for and why. I grew up in a family where you just didn’t share that (really didn’t share anything in life) and so it’s hard for me to stand up for these kinds of heated topics. I most certainly wasn’t going to ever mention anything like that on my blog (good grief…remember what happened when I posted about the Olympics??) But I keep reading all these great blog posts out there and I’m learning so much more about candidates than I even have in my life. I honestly can tell you that I haven’t gone to vote yet becuase I hate my options. But, the more and more I read about Obama, the more I am thankful that the Lord has known from the beginning who would win. This world is in the palm of His hand, although he doesn’t promise peace here…it is fallen after all. And Obama freaks me out.

I read a link to an email that was sent out and it was really good and rather thought provoking. I wanted to pass it along. And if you’ve read anything good lately too (for or against either candidate) pass it along. The point here is not really to bash anyone, but rather to encourage people to get out and vote. And not to vote based on race or age or sex, but rather to vote by their record. Think about the things that you stand for and see where the candidate is with their record. Chance are they won’t change much when they are president.

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  1. This election does beat all. We are living in times unlike I’ve ever seen before. Being informed is so necessary, and I encounter so many people (mostly women) who have their heads in the sand. I’ll be somewhat relieved when the final count is in, and we can be a little more certain of what we are facing, but you hit the important factor on the bullseye. God already knows…is in control…and has made promises to His children. One is He will never leave us…another is He has not “appointed us unto wrath”. Our best plan of action is to keep on doing what is right in the sight of the Lord. He’ll take care of the rest. I’m sure we are in for some hard times…likely far more so than any of us imagine, but God’s going to be right there with us…every step of the way.

    I thought about the “Olympics” post and decided to answer long here instead of linking to you. šŸ™‚ I found the video you posted on youtube and posted it on my blog. Excellent message, Catholic or otherwise.

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