Facebook makes me crazy

So I posted a while back about how I had taken the plunge into facebook. I have loved many things about it and have reconnected with some people that I haven’t seen or talked to for a long time. That has been sweet. It has connected me to people in town in a way that I wouldn’t have before either.

But in the last few weeks more people from my high school class have reappeared and it’s driving me nuts. It’s time for a little venting…

It’s the number one reason why my husband really didn’t want to do facebook. He felt screwed up in high school and thinks that FB is just like a virtual high school (“will you be my friend”) and certainly doesn’t want to feel that way again. I did not at all run with the “IN” crowd in high school (I know you are totally shocked!) but I wasn’t the biggest dork (at least I don’t think I was). I had some really, really sweet friends and tons of great memories. It was when I truly can say the Lord grabbed my heart. But, I was also crazy screwed up in high school with a eating disorders and just dealing with tons of family mess. All that to say, I’ve got good memories and not so good. And I definitely felt like I was on the outside looking in many times.

But now these people on FB are destroying it. We are all nearly 33 years old. We don’t need to invite only certain people to be part of the “coolest group of the class of ’93” who does that?? Argg! Makes me feel like I’m back in high school again or maybe middle school. I guess the upside is that I’m not going to see any crazy embarrassing pictures of me floating out there in my 1990s dresses and clothes and crazy hair…now that is relief!

And the other bad thing…it’s so crazy addictive. Like I need another reason to stay on the computer. I’m obsessed about email enough and now I feel like I’ve always got to check and see if anyone wrote on my wall!!!

Forgive my moaning, I just had to get it all out.

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  1. West Breedlove (http://www.westbreedlove.com/) posted a link to a blog post by Josh Harris (http://www.joshharris.com/2007/08/my_one_and_only_week_on_facebo_1.php) several months ago and here is a tiny snippet from it…

    “The other reason I feel right about making my time with Facebook just a visit is a little harder to explain. How do I put this? I found that it encouraged me to think about me even more than I already do–which is admittedly already quite a bit. Does that make any sense? Without any help from the internet I’m inclined to give way too much time to evaluating myself, thinking about myself and wondering what other people think of me. If that egocentrism is a little flame, than Facebook for me is a gasoline IV feeding the fire. I need to grow in self-forgetfulness. I need to worry more about what God is thinking of me. I need to be preoccupied with what he’s written in his word, not what somebody just wrote on my ‘wall.'”

    I toyed with the idea of Facebook and I still go back and forth but this statement just made a lot of sense to me and seems to really echo what you are saying as well.

    Also, one last thing…I promise! πŸ˜‰ There is a book called The Same Kind of Different As Me and in it (it is a true story) Dallas makes this comment, “So, Mr. Ron, it occurred to me: If you is fishin for a friend you just gon’ catch and release, then I ain’t got no desire to be your friend…but if you is lookin for a real friend, then I’ll be one. Forever” Now there is a lot surrounding this statement in the book but it just made a lot of sense to me to really pursue friendships where I am not going to release those people but really pursue them and invest in their lives.

    For me this whole thing played not only into my decision about Facebook but even made me wonder about my blog. I am not sure that I have any answers but I just thought that I would share as I have flopped around with this as well!

    Okay, I have written a book on your blog post. Sorry! πŸ˜‰

  2. I wrote when I was tagged that I have a love/hate relationship with FB. I love seeing old friends. I found friends who I loved- so on that part I am in the love part.
    But to tell you that some of the people I am friends with make me sad and angry. Sad for Godless lives, sad for making choices that are so wrong. I know I am not perfect but it just makes me sad that they don’t care and are proud of the fact they don’t belive in God. There are also those who drive me crazy with there comments and bashing of what I believe.
    I have had to take a step back and make a decision to love these people,pray for these people- but don’t read all there post. It isn’t easy but I can’t live my days sad and angry at people.

  3. I agree. I recently joined there, too. To catch up with former stuedents and I hate the “friend” thing. How can someone keep up with 913 friends, anyway? I’m a few-friends girl. I love my fiends and I will be loyal to the end, but I can’t have too many, otherwise I can’t give them each the attention they deserve :).

  4. I love what you have brought up about Facebook. I also love everyone’s comments on it. I originally joined so I could keep up with a friend that posts there who reads my blog, she said it is how she lets everyone know what is going on in her life. I am still spend very little time on Facebook as I don’t want it to turn into something ugly for me. I am sorry it has somewhat for you. Thanks for being open and honest about it!

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