My Latest Project

flower/gingham front

The past few days I’ve been trying to finish up this outfit. The baby has been sick since Sunday, so time for sewing (or really much of anything) has come hard to find.

flower/gingham shirt

I made the shirt on Saturday before the baby got sick and really had so much fun sewing it,  although I made some pretty silly mistakes! I spent some found time yesterday fixing those mistakes and finishing it up. The shirt is Macy by Children’s Corner.

flower/gingham pants

Today I made these little pants to go with it. They are just simple gaucho pants and I added the trim around the bottom.

flower/gingham shirt

I absolutely LOVE this outfit and can’t wait for the baby to be well enough to take her out and show it off!!

*On a side note, thanks for sweet words about my last post. I guess it sounded like I’m pretty depressed, when really I am feeling much better than I was! I didn’t convey that really well I guess. I’m feeling hopeful and peaceful and quiet. A place that I’m enjoying very much.

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