Scenes of the Latest Project


For the first time in like a month I feel a clearing and a huge sigh of relief and I am so excited about the chance to work on some stuff for my little chick.

latest project1

Can you guess what it is??

(Ashley, hush!)

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  1. Is it a pumpkin dress??? It looks super cute from the bits and pieces that you shared! I cannot wait to see the whole thing finished.

    I was really excited this weekend because I finally ordered the Lucy dress pattern from Children’s Corner that you posted about a few weeks ago! I cannot wait to get it in the mail!!!

  2. Jumper! Jumper!!! I just made one of similiar variety and theme for my sweet niece, Mollye!!

    I love sewing for little girls! Thanks to God He gave me nieces!!!

    🙂 MAC

    p.s. Let’s rap on your tricks to applique as mine are not working out so well…lots of missed stitches and it just looks sloppy!!! HELP!!!! 🙂

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