Embroidery and Applique

I have mananged this week to finish a couple more projects to add to my stash. I am hoping to be a vendor at a local farmer’s market in about 2 weeks and the stress of getting some projects done is killing me! At least what doesn’t go over well at the market I can add to my very low inventory at the local boutique. This is a vendor fee free day so I really want to try my hand at it. We’ll see. My ironing board is currently covered in projects that need to get done in the next 10 days…ahhh!

little tea pot2

First project was another embroidered tee. This one is my take on I’m A Little Teapot.

monkey applique

The second was just a project that I did to try some more at applique and added a little embroidery to it. Off to do some more embroidery and enjoy this awesome pre-fall day!

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