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We’re All One Big Mess…

September 17, 2008


My son gave me this picture the other day. When I first read the scripture and looked at the picture I thought “gee whiz, can’t he at least draw something that sort of fits the words on top…like at least a person or something?” (mind you these were thoughts, not words to him lest you think I talk to my son that way!)


But later, I was showing it to a friend and it kind of hit me. The scripture says “God takes care of you.” And you know what, God does take care of me, and I’m a mess. Just like these splotches on this paper, I’m try to put out there that I’m all that. I have “beautiful colors” that I put on so that people might think I’m all put together, but in reality, I’m just one big splotch. And thankfully, the Lord does take care of me.

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