Darn Buttonholes

space longalls

I just completed my first commissioned sewing project. I’ve sewn many outfits for friends over the years, but always to give as gifts. I’ve never offered to sew something for someone as a paid project, but this time I said yes. (something has happened to me lately where I keep saying “yes” to things that 6 months ago I would have laughed at!)

space longalls leg lining

Yesterday, as I was finishing up I was so impressed with myself. These longalls had come together beautifully. I couldn’t believe how well the piping had gone in and they flipped just right etc etc etc.

space longalls applique

Well, pride cometh before the fall. I sat down to finish up the buttonholes today and alas, my perfect piece is no longer perfect. It’s still totally cute and I still love how it turned out, except for when I look at those shoulders.

But I guess that is what makes it more special than something you buy in a store…hopefully my friend agrees 😉

* The fabric is Micheal Miller Space Cadets and the pattern is Children’s Corner  “Johnny”

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  1. YAY! SO cute! What are you talking about, the buttons look great! Can’t wait to put them on Sam and tell everyone who asks that my talented friend made them!! Love them! Thanks!

  2. David was looking over my shoulder when I was reading your blog earlier today and he liked them. He said something about wanting some too. I told he was to big for overalls – but they were really cute.

  3. This is absolutely adorable even with the “darn buttonholes”!

    I understand how frustrating buttonholes can be. I just bought a really nifty buttonhole placement marking gadget, because I’ve had the same problem.

    I’ll make an effort to share it on my blog soon. It might be something to look into getting one of.

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