I *heart* Fall

I love decorating for Christmas and even for spring, but nothing stirs my heart more than decorating for Fall. I was at Target the other day and totally got sucked in by this crazy pull all because of the Fall stuff that they had for sale. They had these awesome oval tin containers that I couldn’t resist to put in our kitchen for our fruit and to replace this horrible basket we had all our bills and coupons in.

Enjoy a little glimpse into our Fall home!

Here’s our dining table centerpiece:

table setting

They also had this little package of pears and a cornucopia for $2.50! You can’t beat that! I had these pumpkins from last year at Hobby Lobby that I got on clearance too. I was so excited to finally start putting out some of these decorations (who cares that it’s still nearly 90 degrees with 80% humidity outside…bring on the Fall!)

Here’s our foyer entryway:


And here is a close up of this little mirror from Ikea that I just love! (except for the reflection of me!)

entry mirror

This is our light in the dining room. These are actually little orange berries, lest you think that this is Christmas garland…you will see no red and green holiday stuff in this house until after Thanksgiving! 🙂

dining light

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  1. so, so fun! I “heart” fall as well. I have a few fall projects lined up as we speak.
    Thanks for all your help with the link. I am so sad that I cant get it to work. But I know people are praying regardless.

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