Pray for Lilah

So my best friend is the ultimate extraordinaire when it comes to anything design and computer related and she is such a doll! She created this awesome little button that we can all add to our blogs to pray for sweet baby Lilah. Oh and here’s my disclaimer: I did the html so if it’s wrong and it doesn’t work for you I’ll try to help you, but seriously I know as much about websites as an ant!

*Update* We can’t seem to figure out what the problem is with the html. So, sorry this won’t be a simple solution, but this is how you can do it (this is for those on blogger bc most of you guys are…if you need wordpress instructions email me or leave a comment and I’ll help you out)

1. Drag or cut/paste “pray for Lilah” photo to your computer
2. Start a new post and upload photo to post
3. Highlight picture in post and create a link to the Burch’s Blog (
4. On tab at top of post, click on html and copy this
5. Go to layout tab
6. Add a gadget and choose add html/java script
7. paste saved html in and save

I did this exactly on my old blogger blog and it worked perfectly. Hopefully this helps! Sorry it’s been so difficult.

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  1. AHHHHHH, its telling me that the link contains illegal characters! Help me please!!!!. I need this on my blog for all the obvious reasons.
    Thank whoever did this for them, from the bottom of my heart.
    This is truly fabulous.

  2. LOL, the blog program must be reading the code! I’ll keep trying.

    In order to get this to post, I had to remove two very important characters.

    At the beginning (before the ‘a’) and at the end (after the ‘</a’), you must place a greater than and less than sign ()

  3. It didn’t work….

    Aimee, I will email it to you (the code) and maybe you can get it out to the people you need to.

    OR, you can always right click on the image, save it to your computer and then log in to your blog, place the image up and link it to Gina’s blog.

  4. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog and I love your creative ideas.

    I just put this pray for baby Lilah label on my blogger, instead of using HTML code, I used the “insert picture gadget”, and it works well.

    Let me try if the code can show here:

    <a href=””>

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