A Birthday Gift

pencil roll + book2

I’m ever wanting to create different birthday gifts for friend’s children. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  This week everything just seemed to come together and I am really excited with how it turned out.

pencil roll

I’ve been wanting to make one of these pencil rolls ever since I first came across them. It’s a rare thing when I actually make something that turns out perfectly and without mistakes and this was no exception. I screwed up the measurements on the inside, but hey it’s the thought that counts right? And I’ll do better next time! There are a ton of tutorials out there, but I really didn’t use one. I just kind of made it up, that’s most likely why the measurements were all screwed up!


I also covered this sketch book for our little friend too. This turned out really well and I love it! All that is left is to stamp his name on the cover, but I’ve got to search for some black ink.

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  1. I have wanted to try the pencil rolls for a bit as well but have had no reason to…yet! 😉 I think that yours turned out GREAT! You totally cannot tell that there is a mistake at all! I always biff and fudge things when I am sewing…isn’t that part of it!? 😉 The little sketch book is great also! So creative!!!

  2. sweet…homemade is rarely perfect. There is an old Indian tradition of leaving at least one error in each thing they make to allow the evil spirits to escape through. I don’t believe in the tradition, but what a great way to justify human error.

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