School Days

Well it has happened. Preschool has started, the smell of Fall is starting to hint in the air, the lunch box is being packed and I’m kind of sad. My little Rooster has been in daycare or preschool from the time he was 7 weeks until now. We’ve had summers off and had many months off while I stopped teaching when his sister was born. It isn’t a new thing for me to take him to preschool and drop him off.  He loves it and the time at home with just his sister is really good. But after 3 days I’m kind of sad.

He asked me this morning, how much longer do I have to go to school? He wasn’t asking because he doesn’t like it. He’s a dream to get up and get dressed in the morning. This is old hat.  What is different is that while this is pre-kindergarten, it’s still very much like kindergarten. He goes every morning and he doesn’t complain. I guess I am just getting sentimental about our time together at home and that it seems to be coming to an end.

But, how do you know what is best? I know that this is an awesome program and I’m thankful for it. His teachers are great. I am not about to take him out or anything, but as I think about next year and the kindergarten decision, so much of me would love to figure out how to homeschool him. I keep telling myself that we are not made for it, but yet so much of me longs for it.

How do I know it’s what he needs and not just me being sentimental and not wanting to let go?

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  1. This is the same situation that I found myself in 1st year.Great preschool,but we made the decision to home school for kindergarten.We started with horizons curriculum.It is great.We love it and it is totally doable and we get to pray and talk about God in every subject.I was worried about being able to teach her,but God has eased my worries.Pray about it and I gaurentee God will give you peace one way or another.Homeschooling is not for everyone,but it does seem to work for us.We also found a great home school co-op school one day a week.It is in a well established church and we are having a ball.She takes ballet,art,and a community helpers class.Only God can tell you but pray about it and you might be surprised at the adventure God has in store for you. May God bless you.Kim

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