You know that scene in Jerry Maguire; the one that every woman swoons over (whether you like Tom Cruise or not!)? Well I was thinking this week about my husband and I. This scene just popped into my head when I started thinking about how well matched we are.

You see, we are both crazy dreamers. I’m sure we drive our friends crazy because we are always talking about the next big life change..moving here or there…changing jobs or dreaming of changing jobs…etc. We were talking the last few weeks about looking for a new house. A few weeks before that I was really seeking a doctorate program. Now we are dreaming about moving out West. We constantly seek change. We’ve lived in this house for over 4 years and this is the longest we have ever lived in one place in 11 years of marriage!

We were talking the other day about whether this is wrong or not…to dream like this? Is it wrong of us to think of where we would rather be or live? Are we not living Paul’s words to “be content no matter the circumstances”?

But the difference in us now is that before I think we sought after change because we were running from things. All sorts of things. And now, we are just reaveling in our dreams and wondering which of them might actually come true. We are finally dealing with the reality around us (such as finally getting our finances in a healthy place), but we are not giving up on those things that we’ve often longed to do or pursue.

It’s a hard place…trying to live in reality and the day to day and be content, yet not giving up on the things you long for or places you long to be. But it’s a place that has brought us closer to that fairy tale ending, at least being able to see the ways that God has brought us together and the ways that we do complete each other.

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