Blogging Respite

This is about to be me! I have found myself on the precipice of being extremely stretched and feel the need to give up something.

My son is getting ready to start pre-kindergarten, I am leading a Bible study (ack!) and I have just accepted a part time position that is going to keep my very, very busy in the next few months. While I will surely keep sewing and will keep the etsy shop open and will keep up with the local boutique, I am feeling the need to step away from the computer some and the best way for me to do that is to stop blogging for a while. This blog has been a great release for me this past year and even just reading others has been such a great window into the world, when I have felt “trapped” at home.

For those who have it and know us, I will for sure be keeping up the family blog. Can’t help but show off pictures and stories of my little ones…but this little gem of mine is going to take a little break.

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  1. so sad to see you taking a break! I hope that you are feeling less stretched soon so that we can peek inside and see what all is going on. You will be missed.

  2. Sorry to have just found you dear Aimee….will follow you on flickr…the fellowship is great there too. Good luck with etsy and the business and most importantly, your family.

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