For fear of upsetting more people and for fear that I just typed without really thinking. I took this post away. I don’t want to offend, don’t want to hurt and don’t want people who don’t know me to think that I’m a one-world one-people kind of thinker. I never meant it to sound as if I was separating myself from others or making it sound as if I am better than others. The Lord knows, I’m a mess.

There are many times when my words are ahead of my thoughts and in some ways I think this was it. I just don’t think I was able to really say what I meant, so I’m not going to put it out there. This is one reason why I’m taking a blogging break. Not because I got bad comments, but because I just need to force myself to step away and really spend some more time thinking and less time reacting.

I truly never intended my blog give away to turn into a political conversation and really didn’t even realize how much frustration there was out there over China hosting the Olympics or I never would have put that out there.  I suppose that is just my ignorance showing. I just wanted to celebrate the success of this blog and give something away.

My sweet husband told me that all I really needed to say was the paragraph below…and so that is why I left it. He is so much wiser than me and such a great balance to my crazy, over reactiveness.

And in all honesty, it’s the Olympics. It’s amazing, it’s fun and it’s something that you have the choice to watch or not. It’s also a time when many countries come together (even those fighting each other) and put their differences aside for the love of the game and in celebration of the amazing talents that they have been given.

Go USA! (although I must admit I’ve had quite enough of Michael Phelps…even my 4 year old, who knows NOTHING about swimming, is talking all about him!)

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  1. Good morning,

    I started to reply to this post, but it turned into a book.

    I decided it better to post my response on my blog and link to your post. Sometimes I get a little wordy. 😀

  2. Just did a blog post on this and Judy’s post….brought up something you said here…if it is offensive to you could you let me know and I can remove the link. Think you were brave and like what you tried to do here.

  3. I am sorry you felt you had to do this but understand…you know I respected you for going against the pack as it were! I do hope your business goes well..I run about eight craft groups on flickr and would love to have some of your photos there …good networking.

    I hope you saw my response to your comment on my blog……it was just a few words which might have sounded offensive to other cultures ….everything else you said was right sweetie….your heart was in the right place.

  4. ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))

    I hope you know I thought none of those things about you. I love your blog and believe I’d like you in the real world.

    I love your honesty and your willingness to introspect.

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