Dream Decorating

I don’t know if it is the change in seasons starting to slowing happen or what, but I have gotten the decorating bug big time! I’m dying for some spare money to get some picture frames and boy what I wouldn’t do to win the lottery and spend some cash on some new furniture. The problem with being married to a very part-time woodworker though, is that 98% of what I want he says “oh I can make that…” Arggg!

For my Little Rooster (who is sadly beginning to be not so little anymore!)

For my little chick: (who will sadly be graduating to a big girl bed in the coming months…maybe!):

For our play area:

For our den: (which after 2 little children is BADLY in need of a new couch!):

There you have it, everything but the kitchen table (I mean sink). Actually, if there is any woodworking project that will come to fruition this year, it will be a new kitchen table (all out of very old walnut!). I can’t wait!!!

Everything listed is either from Pottery Barn Kids, Ikea, Land of Nod and Target

*Don’t forget about the give away. Comments will close tomorrow (Wednesday) night!

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