Fabric AA

Do they have an AA meeting for people obsessed with fabric? I find the more I start sewing the more and more fabric that I need! 🙂

give away
My give away stash came yesterday (yippee) and I love it! Don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, but love looking at it nonetheless.

gina's purchase 7/08
Our local quilt shop was having a big sale last week and I went in and got a few things. Two of these (on the right) are to back my bibs with and the other 2 (left side) are for my little Chick. Well, actually the brown flowers on the far left is my absolute favorite. I’m holding out to hopefully buy a Oliver+S pattern to make something with this and the other I just saw and loved it. Not sure what to do with it, but for $4 a yard it was too cute to pass up!

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  1. We should probably never go to the fabric store together!!! 😉 I am hoping for a sale at the fabric store on patterns as they carry the Oliver + S patterns now…come on 30% off sale or something! I love the fabric that you won! I have been eyeing it as I love her stuff (did you know that she has stationary as well on Amazon; I had to break down and buy it as well). I am kind of glad there is no AA for fabric buyers just think of all the fabric we would miss out on! 😉

  2. hey, I love that we both “need” fabric. how do we convince our better halves that its a necessity?
    I have the tea party and bloomer pattern from O&S, in a 2t-5t if you want to borrow it…. your more than welcome to it. I havent made it yet, its on my short list of things to make, but I read through the pattern and it will be an easy one.
    you know that G’s has these patterns as well….

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