Where I’m At…

From Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge:

We can’t wait until we feel safe to love and invite. In fact, if you feel a little scared, then you are probably on the right path. Of course it’s scary. It’s vulnerable. it’s naked. God calls us to stop hiding, to stop dominating, to trust him and to offer our true selves. He wants us to bring to bear the weight of our lives and all that he has given to us, worked into us, and offer it to our world. To entice, allure and invite others to Jesus by reflecting his glory in our lives. He will give no guarantee that others will enjoy us and respond well.

In fact, we can be sure that there will be times when they do not. Jesus offered like no other, and many rejected him. In those moments or seasons when that happens to us, God’s invitation is to bring our sorrow to him. Not to shut down with, I’ll never try that again. But to keep our hearts open and alive and find refuge and healing in his love.

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  1. Thanks for that encouragement. It comes on the heels of me writing a letter to a friend who is so obviously troubled and in need of some peace. I have doubted my words I wrote to her, wondering if I came off the wrong way, thinking she may not talk to me anymore. Funny when you bare your heart, the words never quite make as much sense on paper as they do in your head. That’s how it is for me, anyway.

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