So my friend Christy has set a goal of cutting her grocery bill in half. She has read and researched all about the CVS and Walgreens games and did her first run this week. This has prompted me to start researching a few things and let me tell you that all of this makes my eyes wiggle and fries my brain!

The CVS and Walgreens games have always confused me. I have tried to read how this works and just don’t seem to get it. I guess overall it makes me wonder if I wouldn’t end up with a bunch of stuff that I would probably never use just to get the free coupons.

Then there are the coupon sites. is actually really good, but as I start to go through the lists of things on sale, my eyes start to water and I just can’t sit there and do it (I’m not really good at reading lots of things online…I do much better holding it in my hands).

And then there is The Grocery Game. I want to try this because I just wonder how well it would work for us? But honestly, I don’t want to stockpile 15 tubes of toothpaste. Our grocery budget is tight enough just to buy the things we need to buy that I can’t figure out how stockpiling (buying 5 jars of mayo because it is only $1) would work for us.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

Our monthly “budget” (I say that lightly) on paper is $350. We probably spend at least $100 more than that on an average month. My goal is to get it to at least $300 for food and toiletries, but honestly I just don’t have it in me to sit at the computer searching for all these coupons!

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  1. When playing the CVS game, I refuse to buy more junk to have laying around my house! I made a goal with myself that when I do it it will only be to buy things we will use/need. I am going to try and experiment with different brands and such on things when I can get them cheaper by buying them. An example would be that we always use Crest toothpaste but I was able to get two tubes of Colgate for $0.05 so I went for it. Switching brands and such to save money doesn’t bother me at all but I agree that I won’t buy a bunch of junk to save money!
    The coupon thing does take A LOT of time but I think as you get used to doing it and knowing where they are it will get easier and less time consuming. (I hope anyway!)

  2. Hi!
    I feed our family of 7 on about $500 a month. Stores here don’t “double coupon” and we don’t eat most of that stuff anyway. I don’t have CVS nearby and have done some Walgreens things, but find that shopping the loss leaders at local grocery stores and avoiding packaged foods is the best way to save money. For example, buy a bag of oatmeal rather than those little packets. Cakes and cookies from scratch are cheaper and taste better, too. I only buy meat if it’s under $2 a pound, same with fruit. We have a garden and several fruit trees. No pop, chips, cookies, etc. If I can make it, I do. Even bread. More work? yes, but the savings are worth it, plus it is better for us. We also eat at least 2 non-meat meals every week. As far as paper, we cloth diaper, and use cloth in the kitchen, so all I really buy is toilet paper (and at the rate my kids use it, I buy the super cheap stuff). Just some ideas, hope they help!!
    PS I got the onesie!! It’s so darling!! šŸ˜€

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