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Happy Monday everyone! My husband and I are trying a new discipline: only being on the computer (and actually turning it off) while our children are awake. Now granted I am totally breaking this right now, but this is my 30 minutes in the morning while they are eating and watching Curious George. Then the computer is off until nap time. Yesterday was our first full day and it is so sad how hard it was for us! Totally confirming that we need to do this.

On another note. Here is a little link love from my reader.

Two Fun Wet and Wild Summer Activities. As soon as I can get the stuff, we are doing these for sure!

Foam-erater from plumpudding
Sponge Ball Bullseye from the Motherload

Two Reasons Why I Would Love to Be a Homeschooler (or at least things that totally bring out the teacher in me!)

Flashcard Rings by Make and Takes (what a crazy simple idea! I’ll be doing this as soon as I can find all the flashcards!)
Lap Books and many other awesome things by One Little, Two Little

Hope you all have a great Monday.

The give-away is over and I’m still waiting to hear from our winner. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon and can share a new onesie creation.

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