Boutique Additions and Updates and Plans



Additions and Updates:

Here are my newest creations. Two are a custom order from a friend, some are additions to the boutique and one is a custom order from the boutique.


So, as you have read lately we’ve been in a major upheaval about what to do with our finances. Whether I should go back full time and where and what I should do. I can’t say that I’ve had major clarifications, but I do feel pretty strongly that going back into the public school classroom is probably not going to happen. Which leaves a very good possibility that I’ll be doing some sort of work at my Little Rooster’s preschool. This is actually is a really good thing. I can bring Little Chick along and they’ll take care of her for free. It all makes sense and seems that it is going to work out.

It also leaves me with more time to focus on Daisyeyes and where I am dreaming it will go. In the near future I hope to add a way for distance readers to order at least onesies and wands from this blog. My big dream is to start making girl’s clothing sometime in the next year. I’ve been researching pattern companies and what it will take for me to get a license to sell certain creations etc. It is looking very positive and I feel like I’ve finally gotten my foot in the door in the local market.

I have big, big dreams to start up a “company” with my sweet friend Jenn. We’ll see where that leads in the future, but oh the places that the Lord could take us with the amazing talents that He’s given us both.

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  1. So, I feel as though I do not know you well enough to leave a comment on a post about working vs. not working but all the while you were posting I kept thinking, “For such a time as this!” It has been neat to see God’s working in your life as you struggle to find which way is up and to live out of the life that He has called you to. I have found it interesting that Daisyeyes has grown recently just as you are trying to decide if you should go back to work full time. God knew and He has prepared you “for such a time as this”! I am so excited that you will be able to work a bit in the preschool world as well as see where He takes you with Daisyeyes. I am excited to pop in and read about what the Lord is doing in your life and to see your use of the creativity that He has given you! Happy Sewing and Preschool! 😉
    You were created for such a time as this!!!

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