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I’ve written in the past (o.k. complained) about how hard it is to feed our family healthy meals that they will all eat. I stumbled upon this website this weekend. It has some great ideas. Here are a few.

These were some of my favorites from the Protein tab. Neither of my kids do well with eating meat and since Little Chick can’t do peanut butter I’m often struggling to find other ways to get some good protein in her.

  • Some kids don’t like the taste of eggs, but they love french toast. Mix two to three eggs in a shallow dish. Add a touch of cinnamon, some vanilla extract, and some low-fat milk. Dip the slices of whole-wheat bread into the egg mixture. Make sure to get a healthy coating of the egg mixture to ensure maximum egg benefits.
  • Roll a small slice of lean ham around a pretzel stick. Kids can make these themselves. Dip in low-fat melted cheese for extra calcium. This makes a great healthy snack or lunch.
  • Pin-wheels are bite-sized wraps, perfect for kids. Spread fat-free sour cream on a whole wheat tortilla. Put different nutrient dense foods such as lean meats and vegetables on top. Roll the tortilla up, and slice crossways. Arrange on your plate with the swirl facing up.
  • Balance is important at every meal, even lunch. Add string cheese if your kids need some dairy, granola bars if they need a grain, or raw carrots if vegetables are missing

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