Flea Market Finds

We had the awesome pleasure of spending this past weekend with some dear friends that moved to Nashville, TN. Honestly we went to see them, but even more I went because I’ve been dying to get back to the flea market there. My brother and sister-in-law introduced us to the Nashville Flea Market many years ago and we’ve gone back throughout the years. It’s been nearly 5 years since we’ve been and I was so thrilled!

It was definitely a light showing compared to past times I’ve gone. I didn’t manage to dig and find that amazing fabric piece or anything, but I did feel like I walked away with some good deals and some good finds. Here’s a wrap up of what I found.


A baby doll cradle for my baby. I’ve been wanting to find another cradle for her room to keep all her dolls in. This was in great condition and I got it for $12. Pretty good I think. I may paint it at some point, but for now I kind of like it as is.


Some dish towels to embroider. These were probably one of my favorite finds. You will see them again in the months ahead as I start working on Christmas gifts.


And this set of tiny Tasha Tudor books. I have fallen in love with Tasha Tudor. I love her illustrations and just all the books I’ve seen. This is the sweetest set of prayer and blessing books.

I also got a croquet set too, but didn’t really feel it was picture worthy…just a fun summer find!

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  1. Great finds. I too love Tasha Tudor books. Her illustrations are the best.

    Tonight Chap and I took the dogs for a walk at 8pm! Crazy.

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