Straining Upward

We are growing sunflowers. They have amazed me everyday by how fast and how high they grow. But what has amazed me most has been this one sunflower. We had a storm one afternoon and this sunflower fell over. I figured that was it for it, but for some reason I didn’t go and tear it out I just left it. I noticed the other day that it had started bending it’s way back up towards the sun.

It made me think about our life right now. We feel very bent over and crushed. We feel like this sunflower. A big storm has come in and pushed us down. But we have a choice: we can just give up and pluck ourselves out or we can start straining upward reaching back towards the sun Son. Despite all the odds this little sunflower is still hanging on. I don’t know when or what kind of bloom it will have. It surely won’t be as big as the others that are still standing unbroken, but it still has a bloom and it is still green and growing.

“I will life up mine eyes unto the hills, from where shall my help come from? My help is from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” from the Psalms.

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