Random Thoughts

This is a random post of thoughts…

1. The meet and greet went well. Wasn’t sure really what to expect and it was a little awkward as this whole adventure is very much out of my comfort zone. The Lord brought a steady flow of familiar faces in and that was really awesome! I have sold another onesie and gotten many request for custom stuff. The ball is rolling. Thanks for all the well wishes and support!

2. Maybe it’s pms or maybe it’s just me being too hard on myself and overwhelmed, but I find myself very low this morning. I have an interview for a potential part time job tomorrow and I’m very, very confused with whether it is from the Lord or not. I’ve gone back and forth with it and a couple other possibilities for part time jobs too. I’m very confused about what to do and where to go and our finances are a bit horrible right now and we are both feeling tons of pressure. Am I interviewing and pursing jobs because I feel it’s the right thing for us or because I’m trying to wrestle control? That is where I’m at.

3. I found my way to this post and this blog this morning and it was amazing. If you are a tired, overwhelmed mom (who isn’t?) follow this link and be amazingly encouraged. It brightened my sore spirits this morning.

Be encouraged this Monday.

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