I have pretty much shut down my Etsy shop and I am going to concentrate on trying to sell my things locally. If you aren’t local and like what you see I am completely willing to do long distance orders even though the shop is closed.

Check out my new boutique page for detailed information about all the items that will be rotating through the new local boutique.

Just a reminder of the Meet and Greet this Saturday, June 21 at Cities Cupcake Boutique. I’m already overwhelmed by all the support that I’ve gotten so far! Makes me feel so special to be surrounded by such awesome friends and family (and a little worried that I’m getting in over my head…so many custom requests!) This blog was crazy busy yesterday too…I had 97 hits! Don’t know who or how, but pretty crazy!

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  1. I so wish I could be there Saturday as I would love to see you at the store. One of the many things that make me sad about living away from friends! I know it will be a huge success. You are so talented and put so much of yourself into everything that people can’t help but love your designs! I wish you a wonderfully sweet day on Saturday, my wonderfully sweet friend! I will be there in spirit and can’t wait to hear all about it!

    PS- We tried to arrange for you guys to see DP and G while you will be here in two weeks but they are out of town 🙁

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