Yesterday I was driving down the road pondering all the things that have happened in our lives and how things would be different if we had made different choices. I remembered what my high school youth pastor always told us, “don’t should on yourself.” It’s hard not to get caught up in the what ifs or if onlys and when you start going down that road, it’s really hard to pull yourself back into accepting and being in the moment and season you are in.

So timely, our paster today talked about God’s will. He reminded us that God’s will is hidden and mysterious. It is a blessing when we can look back over circumstances or situations and see and understand what His will was during that time. But what do you do with the times that you don’t see it? If my husband’s truck had not been totaled and some crazy man had not slammed into me running a red light, we would have two really good cars that we love that are paid for. But yet, we sit here with one still not running and another we are still shelling out money for.  It is hard to accept that God would “allow” those things to happen (twice!).

He also talked about how God’s will is often revealed. I still am amazed at the clarity at which I had when I walked into my principal’s office and quit my job so that I could stay home. It was probably a time in my life that I had never seen or experienced God’s will so clearly in my life (and still do).

Last, he talked about how God’ will is often a response to our response. When we choose to step out and confess or step out in faith and follow Him or repent that He takes away His wrath or blesses us beyond measure.

I know for a fact and understand completely that our debt is our fault. Our choices have led us to this place and continue to lead us out or deeper into it. I know that our choices as parents have had an impact on our children.

It’s so hard to look at those choices in light of God’s will. It’s so hard to know that even when we’ve made poor choices that we are still covered in His blood and protected under His wings…but we are.

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