Bibs…tie or elastic?

I was frantically sewing this week to get some bibs ready for a baby shower that I thought was on Thursday. My sweet friend informed me that it was next week (don’t you love that?). Anyway, I wanted to use her as my guinea pig for embroidered bibs for the boutique.

The pattern is from here (LOVE this woman! I could spend tons o money in her webshop!) and I used old diaper cloths to embroider on and terry cloth for the back.

I couldn’t decide how to do the ties. The rooster has ties and the bunny has a ribbon of elastic through it.

Which do you like? These bibs are going to replace the burp cloths. I’ve got 4 more burp cloths to do and then I don’t think I’m going to do anymore. They take me forever and are a bit more challenging to sew then the onesies and the bibs. The long-range plan is to do the onesies, bibs and hopefully some t-shirts for 18-24 months (older babies).

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  1. These are great! I think these will be a huge hit, and I like both the tie and the elastic. I have two thoughts about the elastic, it might make it hard to adjust how close to the neck the bib can go. As in a kid with a big head but a little neck it might not work as well on. And the other is that I would probably prefer to have the elastic an accent color of the embroidery, or just plain white. Oh, and please don’t stop the burp cloths, I loved those, and I think they will sell out in seconds flat. you are “sew” talented, its great to see you using your gifts in such a great way!

  2. When I had babies, I never liked the tie bibs as I could never get my babies to be still so I could tie it. I love the elastic idea although I am with Emily, as HJ had a huge head and we had a lot of problems getting stuff on over his head!!! Have you thought about velcro? Anyway, both are great! The bibs are precious and adorable. It makes me want another baby so you would make one for me! Ha! Ha!

  3. Love the elastic idea. Anything that helps a caregiver do a child-related task with one hand gets my vote. Or have you thought about Velcro?

    Those are darling!

  4. Very cute! I like the tie bibs best because I don;t think they will be played with. I can see my kids thinking its funny to pull on the bib and thus not focusing on eating.

  5. I guess I would vote for the elastic too. Also wanted to mention that I love what you are doing with your embroidery!

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