A Little Sewing amist the busyness…

VBS has begun and it is actually kind of fun. Not that I won’t be happy when it is over! In the midst of all the madness around here I found myself having to make a few gifts along with getting some more things finished for the boutique that my stuff will be in (more on that next week).


I used this tutorial to make a cape for a couple of brothers. Their mom had specifically asked for one gift, so I thought I would make the cape for both with each of their initials on it. I’m hoping it doesn’t cause too many arguments in the house! It was super, super simple to make.

I’ve had this book for months now and have been a little scared to make something from it. Her stuff is so simple and awesome, but so unlike anything I’ve sewn before (aka…you don’t just cut out the pattern and go). I made these little bags for some friends (can’t say who cause they read this blog) and they actually turned out pretty well.


Last are these awake/asleep signs I made for the boutique. I initially started out thinking I would enter the Sew Mama Sew tutorial contest with them, but alas it didn’t happen. I was proud of myself because this was the first “design” that I’ve ever just made myself. I drew the cat and dog and embroidered them on there. I finally finished them up last week and honestly I’m not too happy with them. It’s that thing where the picture in my head of what I was going for just didn’t happen.

The next big project is creating some sort of print portfolio of the embroidery that I’ve done. It’s hard because everything is so easy to do online that when I think about having to go back to doing something on paper I kind of get freaked out! I talked with my brother and he gave me a bunch of awesome ideas, so we’ll see where that goes.

On a personal note, say a quick prayer for my baby girl. She’s cutting like 4 teeth (including molars) and also has some sort of gastro-intestinal something or other going on. I don’t at all think she is contagious; No fever and none of us have gotten sick, but something is wrong with her. We’re doing a food diary for the next few days and then I guess I’ll finally call the doctor (where he’ll probably just tell me that “it’s a virus”). I’m leaning towards either some sort of parasite (ack!) or a developing milk allergy.

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