Ok, so I am all about trying to feed our family as cheaply and heathily as I can. There are times when I can get just so overwhelmed by the news out there and reading so many things that going to the store and trying to stay under budget and buy things that aren’t going to cause me cancer make my head want to explode and then today I read this article on msn.

Here are the top 12 things we should not have in our food. Some of them I have been trying hard to eliminate and others it seems virtually impossible if you want to make your 4 year old at least a little happy with the food your bring home (and your 30 something husband too). Please tell me if you eliminate these things what else is there to eat (and does anyone have any money to loan me for my whole food and organic groceries???) 🙂

nitrates (deli meat, bacon etc)
propyl gallate
blue 1, 2; red 3; green 3; yellow 6
olestra (do they still make things with this?)
potassium bromate (supposed to be almost illegal)
white sugar
sodium chloride (aka salt)

*On another note. Thanks to all for the sweet comments on the last post. I tell you that it is amazing what happens when we are willing to be open and honest…you realize that you are not the only one out there who feels like you do.

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  1. looks like you are going to have to only eat veggies -fresh with nothing on them, fruit, free range chicken. Good luck feeding the kids. But rememebr free range chicken are much more like to get bird flu. I am playing with you – i know it is hard to be eat right and get the kids to eat them. Hummus is the answer.

  2. Have you found Stevia for a sweetener? I love it and it is made from a plant and has no calories and it isn’t bad for you! I have been using it in my green smoothies for awhile now and also on anything the kids need to have a little sweeter.

    I even tried the green tea in the green smoothies and it was not noticed at all!!!

    I think you should feed your kids lots of green smoothies!

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