In A Funk

So ok. I read Emily‘s post and wasn’t going to vent at all about my day, but I just can’t help myself. I’ve got to get it out somewhere. So if you don’t want to read me ranting and raving, then close your browser now.

I have to preface this all to say that we have been back down to one car for the last 3 weeks. It sucks, but we are making due. Hubbie is currently out to buy part number who knows to see if that will hopefully fix it. Cross your fingers. So this morning, he awoke and went to work at 6:30 because he was going to have to come home at 9:00 so we could get the car from him. Little Rooster started soccer camp for the next 3 days. So we took daddy to work, took brother to soccer camp, came home, went back to get brother and then had a quick rest time. Oh, I forgot to mention the 20 minute tantrum because Little Rooster thought it would be o.k. to open the door WHILE I was driving!!! Needless to say, the kiddie car door lock is now back on and Mr. Independent was not to happy about that.

During rest time, I made dinner for a friend who just had a baby. This was frustrating because I had no powdered sugar for the dessert (made due with granulated) and then realized that I only had 6 teeny meatballs for which to give them with their spaghetti and I never had a chance to make them any bread. (at least I am covered by grace in Christ!) My dear friend calls me, so terribly upset because of nursing issues. I want to have the answers, but I just don’t. I love her with words as much as possible and encourage her as much as possible and then hang up because it’s time to bring dinner to our friend. Load up the kids, drive to the house and it’s pouring rain. Get them out and we deliver the food. There is a cat there and both kids start playing with the cat and then the cat starts hissing. I continue to tell my son to stay away, leave her alone she doesn’t want to be bothered. To which I get a snotty reply. Next thing you know, his face is in her face and she strikes out at him….scratches the crap out of his cheek. (natural consequences, right?) Anyway. I get him calmed down and we go off to the allergy doctor and call the pediatrician to find out about him needing a tetanus shot or something along those lines because of the cat scratch.

After talking to the nurse, she says, can you come on in…NOW? Ok fine. Mind you it is now 4:30 and we were sitting in the allergy doctors waiting for shots and then planning on going to the library and then picking up daddy. So, I say fine. We’ll be there. I have to run home to get the mastercard for the copay which we can’t afford to pay until payday. I get there and we wait and wait and wait. All that to find out that, “it’s really just a scratch and you just need to keep it clean and watch for infection.” I CAN FIGURE THAT OUT!!!!! This is why I called the nurse, to avoid sitting in the office and paying a copay for no reason! Ugg!

So, now we are home. All is fine (except Little Chick won’t eat anything that I put in front of her except goldfish crackers or chocolate cake) and she is now spilling the contents of every container in the room on the floor (and tearing up my plants) all so that I can vent a little.

Deep breath. I am off to spend some time outside. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. OMG there is nothing more that I despise than paying a copay to have someone tell me something they could have told me over the phone!!!!!!


    Big hugs!

    Tonight, you deserve a bubble bath. With candles. And zero interruption.

  2. I am sorry about your day!!! I totally understand. We lived one only one car for years – it is hard, I understand the cooking with out what you need, then cooking dinner and the little people don’t eat!, ANd the copay that could have been avoided if only they had listen to you on the phone, And there is NOTHING worse then taking 2 children to the dr late in the afternoon when you are all tired, hungry and you have to WAIT!! I will be praying that today is better.

  3. Oh what a day! I am so sorry it was so miserable. Here is hoping today is much better. How could it not be, it is MY birthday, which I know greatly impacts your life?! Wish we were there so we could all go to Little Joe’s tonight for dinner. But alas, we don’t 🙁 and my teeth hurt to much from yesterday’s dentist visit to eat. I pray that today is restful and sweet!

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